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Alimony, Steven Effman Law,If you are seeking alimony in a case, there are a series of facts that must be considered in order to determine if you are eligible. The Florida court must assess the case to see if there is a need for alimony and if your spouse is able to pay. If a judge determines that alimony is needed and the spouse can afford to provide it, they must next consider the factors that decide how much alimony you are eligible to receive and for how long.

Types of Alimony:

In Florida, there are six types of alimony available to residents depending on the nature of the divorce and the parties involved. The courts usually require the spouse with a higher net worth or annual income to provide the other spouse with assistance following a divorce.

1. Temporary Alimony, also known as alimony “pendente lite,” meaning one spouse will provide support while the divorce is pending when required but the financial assistance ceases when divorce is finalized.
2. Rehabilitative Alimony is provided for a limited time and is designed to provide financial assistance to a spouse while he or she attempts to reestablish skills and financial independence. This may include the cost of school or career training.
3. Permanent Alimony is granted to spouses who the Florida courts deem eligible for support that continues until remarriage or death of one party.
4. “Bridge-the-Gap” Alimony refers to financial compensation for items one needs to start own life such as a car, a home, etc.
5. Durational Alimony is ordered for a certain amount of time after the divorce is finalized.
6. Lump Sum Alimony is a one-time payment intended to resolve all financial issues.

Am I Entitled to Alimony in My Divorce?

If you are seeking or contesting alimony during your case, you need an alimony attorney who has experience and knowledge on the most recent laws and legal tactics. Alimony adds another complicated layer to a divorce, regardless of whether the alimony itself is permanent, durational, rehabilitative, or “bridge-the-gap.” Effman Law’s skilled alimony attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation can help you make sense of the complexities and reach your goals.

Effman Law’s Alimony Lawyers in Broward County

At Effman Law, we believe everyone has a right to an attorney no matter who they are or where they live. This is why we choose to offer our family law services to all of Broward County, not just Plantation and Fort Lauderdale. Listed below are the towns and cities we represent.

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Effman Law has been handling family law cases for over 40 years. In this time, we have learned many different approaches to ensure the maximum results for cases of all different natures. It can be difficult to receive the alimony you deserve in your specific case, but we will work hard to make sure you get the results you desire.

Effman Law’s attorneys excel at representing you in any legal situation such as a divorce trial, child custody dispute, paternity case, and child support negotiations.

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