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Child Custody

In Florida, the laws regarding “custody” (now referred to as “majority time parent”) are designed with children as the top priority. Because of this, Florida courts work to fairly determine parental responsibility and do not favor a mother’s custody rights over the father’s. Most Florida custody cases result in a time-sharing agreement (visitation rights) that works for both the mother and father of the child or children. The judges in the Florida courts believe in the importance of shared parenting and that each child benefits from being raised with both a mother and a father.

What Do I Need to Know When Filing for Child Custody?

The majority time parent is determined by a judge and is based on several factors. The child’s best interest come before anything else and it is widely accepted that a child benefits greatly from having both a mother and a father in the picture. Unless one parent is deemed unfit to parent the child, equal timesharing will be the desired outcome of any family law case. If a parent is seeking sole custody, he or she must be able to provide evidence that the other parent’s behavior or living condition is harmful to the child involved.

If you are married and going through the divorce process, your parental responsibilities will be determined during your divorce proceedings. If you are not married, however, there are several ways to determine child custody. The first step for many is a paternity test, which is ordered by a judge and usually required. Once the results are finalized, further decisions can be made regarding child custody in Florida.

Where Can I Find a Lawyer I Can Trust?

We adhere to the strong belief that quality legal representation should be available to anyone who needs it. This is why we do not limit our services to serving only Plantation and Fort Lauderdale. Effman Law’s custody, divorce, alimony, and child support attorneys offer legal advice and representation in all of the following locations:

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How We Can Help?

Effman Law’s skilled family law attorneys can offer guidance and assistance in negotiating a fair child custody arrangement between parents. Some common child custody issues that parents struggle with are determining a child’s primary residence, how much time a child will spend with each parent, how child support is determined based on the amount of the a child spends with each parent, and a child’s specific needs that must be accounted for such as education and health care.

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