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Timesharing (or what used to be called visitation)

Each Parent’s time with their children is one of the most important areas of Family Law. It is the opportunity and right to maintain, foster and grow a close, loving and bonded relationship with your children, no matter what their ages. It is a right which should be pursued at every step in the process of a Divorce, Separation or Paternity case. While not the current law, an equal timesharing schedule (otherwise known as a 50/50 time split) is quickly becoming the preferred approach, all other things being equal.  The Court will look to many factors in deciding the exact schedule for each Parent including the distance between the 2 homes, the school district(s), the age of the children, the work schedules of both Parents, each Parent’s living arrangement and many other considerations.

It is important for each Parent to maintain a stable, predictable, positive relationship with their children at all times throughout the transition from an intact family, through the litigation and beyond the Final Judgment.  There is nothing more important for your child’s well-being than to keep the lines of communication and time with your children open and a two-way street. Always maintain a positive attitude toward your children each and every time you spend time with them. While there are certainly many other crucial aspects of your case which must all be addressed, a good relationship with your children will not only be in their best interest, but will be duly noted (and, in my years of experience, be received very well) by the Court.

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